Monday, 14 January 2013


"Have We not opened your breast for you (O Muhammad)? And removed from you your burden. Which weighed down your back? And have We not raised high your fame?" (The Quran, 94:1-4)

These verses were revealed during the early part of the Prophet’s life in Makkah, when he was in such a weak and difficult position that he could not even move about in the city, preach or pray freely. The Holy Quran in this background states that his name has been exalted with great esteem. Let us see how Allah has raised the status of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Muhammad is the most popular name in the world. A very common practice amongst Muslims is to have Muhammad as the first, middle, or last part of their names. This is a unique honour that Allah gave only to Muhammad (peace be upon him). Millions of Muslims have always carried this name, making it the most widely known and repeated name throughout the world.

In addition, Allah has made Prophet Muhammad’s name an integral part of the basic Kalimah (article of faith) of Islam. Every practising Muslim recites this kalimah as a daily routine of his life. Countless persons thus recite Prophet Muhammad’s name countless times, every day in their lives. 

Moreover, Allah has made Prophet Muhammad’s name an integral part of Adhan which is regularly called from each mosque throughout the world five times a day before prayers. Due to the oval shape of the earth, there is always a city where a certain prayer times begin. As a result, no hour passes by where Prophet Muhammad’s name is not called out in this world!


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